Our dental practice really is all about the patient.


The patient is the reason we exist.


It amazes me how most dentists haven’t figured this out, and probably never will. Those offices are typically trying to talk patients into treatment without asking the patient what they want. How should you feel about treating someone when you don't know what they want?


Patients who have been with us for years are living and breathing this Person-Centered experience.


New patients can expect to be welcomed into an atmosphere of healthcare that is like no other.


     Our new patient exam is designed to revolve around you. We as doctors have learned we must be genuine, open, non-manipulative, and without any agenda to push or sell you anything.


     We accept you as you are, and respect your values and opinions, and we will try to listen intently to what your hopes and desires are for your mouth. In trying to be very empathetic, a climate of trust results that promotes intelligent thinking and fosters good decision-making. We strive to be viewed as a trusted advisor so we can move forward together, making wise decisions.


     My mother told me that “the Lord gave me two ears and one mouth for a reason." I must learn what you, the patient, wants. I regularly say “I can educate and teach you many things, and perhaps even sell you a fair amount of dentistry….but if it’s not in a perspective of where you’re going, it isn’t so meaningful. What would you really like to have?”




Think about these two quotes deeply:


“People will get what they need...from people who understand what they want.”


“People will have a higher commitment to any decision that affects them...

if they share in making it.”




Putting The Patient First Since 1977.


We are...