Preventively-Oriented Dentistry 

I tell every patient:


"I’m more interested in them learning to care for themselves and in keeping their teeth for a lifetime than I am in fixing their teeth."


…. and I ask


“are you interested in becoming healthy, inexpensively?”

Dr. James A. Ryerson

Prevention is better and less expensive than correction.

     Dentistry has been on the wrong path for a long time. The government and insurance companies compound the problem when they pay only for repair; and nothing for prevention. There is not enough time or money to get back in control, if we don’t start creating relationships to effect the lives and health of patients dependent on our care….and our caring.

     The dental practice should be truly preventively-oriented. If your preventive approach does not truly come from your heart, you can expect underwhelming results. You can’t sell an idea to anybody unless you truly believe in it yourself.

     Does this approach make sense to you? Are you ready? If not, we promise not to brow beat you with information/techniques until you are really ready to understand, appreciate, and achieve great oral health. There is no cure for tooth decay or gum disease, only control. We are ready when you are.

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