Relationship-Based Dentistry Continued...


     Dentistry is a relationship business. The better the relationship is between you and your patient, the less vulnerable you are to outside interferences like insurance companies and the government. When you involve yourself in a truly meaningful relationship with your patients, they will respect you, feel improved levels of health and well-being, and find great value in what you and your office have to offer. If you, on the other hand, minimally develop relationships with your patients they will find their insurance contract of greater value to them, than your abilities as a healer and as a caring human being.

     Many patients fail to come to the dentist for regular checkups, which is the best way to establish and maintain oral health. These are symptoms of patients’ attitude toward dentists. They indicate that dentists are failing to see dental care in terms of a good dentist-patient relationship...a cooperative long term effort of prevention and correction aimed toward providing the patient with a lifetime of attractive appearance, comfortable chewing, and lowered dental repair costs.