Why the Seagull Theme?

     Jonathan Livingston Seagull is a best selling fictional book about a seagull who discovers that perhaps flying's main function of finding food is not all there is. After Jonathan discovers the joy of flight he realizes that flying can be an exhilarating experience that can change your life. He feels compelled to help other Seagulls who live a limited existence to expand their horizons and achieve a fuller life.

     In a similar way, as dentists, our careers can be so much more than treating disease and fixing teeth. Some dentists work very hard to know themselves, which enables them to know their patients so they may more completely serve them. To achieve this level of care, it really involves making your patient the most important person in the room, while being preventively-oriented, person-centered, and relationship-based.

Flying can be so much more

than just finding food;

Dentistry can be so much

more than just fixing teeth.