Your First Visit


     We invite and introduce every New Patient into our practice in a "meet and greet format. You'll soon sense that you have a great doctor and a great staff. You'll have a clear understanding of your mouth with goals to help keep your teeth for the rest of your life. WHAT A GREAT FEELING!


     We listen and guide people to make their own decisions by exploring options together while serving as a trusted advisor. 

     We are a dental office predicated on respecting a person's individuality while offering guidance to help make wise, informed decisions. ​

     In this technology-rich, fast-paced era of cellphones, Facebook, Twitter, etc., many people still yearn for a dentist and team who slow down and take the time to listen to their heart felt concerns and desires. We are the office that focuses on the "humanness" of healthcare.​

     We hope that you have enjoyed learning about us. If you choose, we will begin listening and learning about you. If you're already on the road to health and keeping your teeth for a lifetime, congratulations. Continue your journey with us. If not, then now may be the time to begin.


     We are ready when you are.